Kwiius: Software that Smiles

Well actually... it's not really software. Most of it anyway. I guess you could say that Marking Calc is software, but most people would call it an app... the rest of it is all web apps. Like Classroom Coundown, for example. I've heard that that's pretty cool...

Anyway, even if it was software, how could it smile? Smiling is what us humans do. Sure, it could tell the browser to tell the OS to tell the VGA/HDMI drivers on the computer to show a pattern of coloured pixels that the human mind would interpret as a smiley face when it sees it on a display, but that's not really smiling.

Who came up with this whole Software that Smiles thing, anywa... *Hurried Whispering* Huh? What's that? I'm supposed to make people want to use the software? Oh, let me start again:

Kwiius is a very small (1 person) startup software company based in Wellington, New Zealand. We started the company two years ago with the hope of making teachers' and students' lives easier, through software. Since then we have continued on that path. Simple!

So what is this fantastic software, you ask? Press the button, and find out!

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